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to unlock mi account

ATTENTION! All applications are processed from 10:00 to 17:00 (UTC +3)
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Read the instructions: how unlock (remove) MI account on Xiaomi server

Read the instruction: how to prepare a Xiaomi device for EDL firmware

To use the unlock service, you need to leave a request to unlock the mi account.
In the application form, indicate your name, email and unlock code.
To find out the unlock code for your device, press the lock 10 times, as shown below:

We will process your order, after which, a message will be sent to the email address you specified about the possibility of unlocking the mi account on your device. If you receive a message about the positive processing of the order, you need to pay for the service in any convenient way and wait for the notification of unlocking the mi account. After that, you need to connect the phone to Wi-Fi or a mobile network to update data from the Xiaomi server.

What are the limitations of unlocking mi account:

- If the status is LOST phone (listed in lost or stolen)
- At the moment, the activation region of the mi account is not supported


Perhaps, after unlocking the mi account, you will need to additionally delete the google account, we do not provide this service.
To receive this service, contact your nearest service center.

This service is paid and is carried out only at 100% prepayment.
The cost depends on the activation region of the mi account and the model of the device.

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Read feedback about us.

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